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Lawyer office specialized in criminal law

Attorney at law Ralph Querbach

– Lawyer since April 2000. Over 20 years of court experience in criminal cases Mr. Querbach knows the importance of developing a comprehensive and effective strategy in defending his clients.

– Certified specialist for criminal law since 2003.

– Specialised in defending clients in the entire spectrum of criminal law, particulary in connection with extradition process.

– Cooperations and networks with several specialised lawyers in the netherlands.

– Criminal defense lawyer Querbach has the knowledge and experience you need, if you are facing an extradition request.

Ralph Querbach is a specialized attorney for criminal law and traffic law and concentrates exclusively on these two areas of law. He is specialized in criminal law due to twenty years of experience and successfully completed specialist lawyer courses.

Ralph Querbach focusses on capital crime cases, homicide, gang crime, tax law, sex offences, narcotics law, criminal traffic law and juvenile crime.

As criminal defense lawyer you may wish to contact me in urgent cases also outside regular business hours call +49 (0)171-4426985 or mail to (please leave your name, contact details, and your location).

​At normal business hours the lawyer office can be reached by telephone +49 (0)261-13499 00. You can also write an email or use the contact form and we will call you back.

If accused of a crime or misdemeanor in Germany, never make any kind of statement to the German police, German customs (Zoll) or any other German prosecution authority.

This piece of advice sounds commonplace but many clients have already made some kind of statement before contacting a German defense lawyer.

​Criminal proceedings can have dramatic consequences for the accused, who must face both the police and the prosecution. Attempting a defence without the help of a specialized criminal lawyer is extremely risky. A specialized criminal defence lawyer with experience will know how to respond. We therefore urgently recommend contacting us at the start of the investigation proceedings.

​The sooner we start on your defence strategy, the more likely it is that we will be successful.

Basic information on law enforcement and criminal prosecution in Germany:

The German Criminal Code (in English language) and the Code of Criminal Procedure are available here.